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Hi ,

I am someone who simply love R. First heard of R in 2007 – 2008 , when I first saw the R book in the book store. Since then , I have been following R and its growth closely.

In both personal and professional life , I find analyzing data fascinating as a developer/maintainer of R packages as well as someone curious about what the data can tell us from business sense.

I am also currently developing , or finding ideas on apps to develop , for RStudio’s Shiny Server as as R packages.

My personal website is at billyam.com and you can contact me r-(-at-)-use-r.com.

Billy Aung Myint
CRAN Package  : SemiPar (Maintainer)
CRAN Package : Neural (Maintainer)
CRAN Package : Grofit (Maintainer)
http://billyam.com | http://use-r.com | http://shinyserver.com

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